Changing From The Inside Out

There’s little we can control in the world. Other people, the stock market, weather, or the world events are outside of our influence. However, we can control ourselves, and that’s all we need to control. Changing our inner world leads to the changes we wish to see in our lives.


It may be hard to believe that changing our thoughts or attitude can make us healthy, wealthy, and wise. However, making inner changes can have dramatic effects on every part of our lives.

Enhance your life by making these internal changes:

How you view failure. Do you view failure as an embarrassment? Is it something you should avoid at all costs?

● What if you viewed failure as simply a step along the way to success? Failure just means that the approach you used didn’t work. It’s an opportunity to re-think your process and try again. If you keep learning and making improvements, how can you possibly fail in the long-term?

● The way you view adversity plays a big part in your overall wellbeing. How do you view setbacks? – are they personal, permanent and pervasive or temporary situations to be built upon? What view would be most useful to you?

Values. Suppose someone valued charity, kindness, and modesty. What type of life would they lead? Suppose someone else valued freedom, adventure, and courage. Now, suppose a third person valued money, power, and greed. It’s easy to see how these three people would lead very different lives.

● What are your values? Do they support the life you want to live? Or, is your life in line with your values?

Beliefs. Beliefs frame how you view the world. What you believe about yourself may be limiting. Beliefs evolve through time: do you believe the same about Santa Claus now as you did when you were six years old?

● List some of your beliefs about the world, yourself, and life in general. How are those beliefs helping or hurting you? What beliefs would be helpful for you to develop and enjoy the life you desire?

Attitude. Do you expect things to work out for you, or are you primarily pessimistic? You’ll be less likely to try to do something if you have negative expectations. A positive attitude can help with your patience and ability to persevere when things aren’t going well.

● Consider how your attitude is impacting the results you’re generating in your life.

Gratitude. Giving yourself a reminder of what is already working in your life can positively impact your attitude and expectations. It can also reduce anxiety and benefit your perspective.

● Take a few minutes from time to time to list the things that make you’re grateful for. Notice the small things – they’re often, actually, the big things!

Thoughts. Our thoughts are under our control, though it might not seem that way. It’s easy to prove this to yourself. You can choose to think about an ice cream cone or a green cow. You can choose to think about anything you like.

● It’s valuable to take control of your thoughts. If you’re predominately thinking about negative outcomes, you’re going to struggle.

● Monitor your thinking, keep things in perspective. Note those recurring, unhelpful, thoughts: challenge yourself to challenge yourself.



Changing yourself internally can support you in living your best life. Without making those inner changes, any behavioural changes are likely to be superficial. You’ll be constantly fighting yourself – and that’s hard work!

Inner changes align your thoughts with your behaviour: you with the world around you.

For many, these actions can be transformative. For those needing a little extra help, Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can build the platform for getting you back on top of things and sustaining your wellbeing.


Ask Yourself: What am I excited about transforming in my life…and what improvements will I implement…today?