About me

Make a dream of life….and a dream reality

I first read those words around the time a boy called George was singing about a chameleon. They were front and centre in my mind that day.

That day.

That day when Kevin Whitelaw LRSC, became Kevin Whitelaw LRSC, M.Sc.

That day when Kevin Whitelaw LRSC, M.Sc. had his first significant day as a single guy for the first time in fourteen years.

That day was 09th July 2010.

An awful lot happened in the fourteen years before that day. And indeed, in the twenty-eight before those: growth, confusion, laughter, grief, success, insecurity, tears, clarity, anxiety – lots of anxiety, love, uncertainty, emptiness, tears, education, loss, setbacks, loneliness, fulfilment, failures, heartache, achievement. Life.

And so it was that life was being lived and dreams were being dreamed that day.

And so it was that Kevin Whitelaw LRSC, M.Sc. had his challenges on that day. His social life: non-existent, his primary relationship: history, his home: merely a house to be vacated, his future: uncertain, his health: exceptionally good: his spirit: indomitable, his plans; few.

One of those few plans wasn’t just clear: it was energising. Time to get busy.

That plan was to consolidate, and build on some of the key areas from the M.Sc. I picked up that day. Through studying the works of Seligman, Frankl, Csikszentmihalyi, Robinson, Covey, Dweck, o’ Conner, Frederickson, among others, I developed a very good knowledge of what has become known as Positive Psychology – wrapped up in a convenient model known as PERMA.

That knowledge developed in to experience and insight via free-lance consultancy work with high calibre entrepreneurs and rebuilding significant aspects of my own life. I met new people, lived a new lifestyle, got married, changed jobs, moved house, expanded horizons.

Made a dream, reality.

An all too brief settled period ran headlong in to the turmoil of a hostile corporate takeover: trapping me centre-stage in a multi-directional cross-fire. It didn’t matter if I moved or stayed still: I was only there to finish off their dirty work. And then I too, was toast.

That took its toll.

As that dark period became a little lighter, I could see that the future would be very different from the past. Change can be for the better.

My new, and very different, means of paying the bills left scope to build a second career. Researching Solution Focused Hypnotherapy, Cahill, Newton, Metcalf, Kim Berg, De Shazer, among others, identified parallel after parallel with the PERMA model.

One by one the ducks aligned.

The decision was not only easy: it was energising. Time to get busy.

And here we are.

Today, PERMA Hypnotherapy is helping adults get back on top of things and move forward with optimism and sustainable wellbeing.

Making dreams, reality.