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A little about me: Now in my mid-fifties, I have established a new career building Perma as a premium quality hypnotherapy practice. When not actively engaged with clients, I’m busy creating new and better content. Some of this is available on the website and Social Media so do take a good look round. The rest is reserved for clients. When I need a break, I’ll often be exploring the cycle routes in and around Edinburgh. It’s OK – I keep the Lycra well covered!


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My primary hypnotherapy training was with the prestigious Clifton Practice to gain the Diploma in Solution Focused Hypnotherapy. Since graduation in 2021, I have continued to explore the increasingly influential field of Positive/Wellbeing Psychology which I was introduced to in the Masters Degree I completed in 2010. These mutually supportive disciplines underpin the work I do. In general terms, Solution Focused Hypnotherapy takes the lead in helping clients with issues rooted in anger, anxiety, and depression. And Positive/Wellbeing Psychology takes the lead with personal development. There are, of course, broad areas of overlap – supporting me in offering my clients Perma’s premium quality service.

The route to this very nice place has been a long one, And, at times, a difficult one. Working life started with hands on technical roles in the chemical industry. Allied with my life-long love of learning that career was under-pinned academically with a chemistry degree. Despite the backdrop of the 80’s & 90’s industrial decline, the company’s growth provided the opportunity to develop in to mid-level managerial roles. This supported attaining a further three post-graduate diplomas. The turning of the century saw a sharp reversal in fortunes resulting in an enforced redundancy and all that entails.

Moving On

A roller-coaster period culminated in a new phase – and a whole new set of personal and professional challenges. In loose chronological order these included the trauma of surviving the 2004 Asian tsunami, completing the Masters degree so influential in introducing me to Wellbeing/Positive psychology, a long-term relationship ending and another starting. And the decision to leave the secure, but oh-so-boring role which provided an income.

Despite the considerable successes of that next step, its abrupt end prompted me to leave the technology led material processing industry behind. So, at the tender age of fifty, I started building the very nice place which allows me to offer Perma Hypnotherapy to clients on a one-to-one basis and via group sessions in association with Eventbrite.

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The best thing about running Perma hypnotherapy is being able to support people in become the best version of themselves. Whether that is getting back on top of anger, anxiety or depression rooted issues or working on their personal development.

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