Availability & Fees


I offer online sessions from my home here in Edinburgh, Scotland. If you’re lucky enough to live close to Edinburgh City Centre, I can offer Covid friendly visits.

Currently, evening appointments are available.

Session Type




Discovery Call To establish your needs and how PERMA can best help you. 45 Minutes Free
Introduction to Solution Focussed Hypnotherapy To introduce Solution Focused Hypnotherapy to interested groups. 60 Minutes Free
First steps with Hypnosis To support groups of 3-6 people taking their first steps with hypnosis for personal development. 2.5 hours £150 per group
Initial Consultation To get you started with 1:1 Solution Focused Hypnotherapy sessions 60 minutes £70 per session
General Therapy To continue developing your ability to manage your wellbeing 60 minutes £70 per session
Smoking Cessation To confirm and celebrate your first day as a non-smoker 2 hours £140
Bespoke Group To apply Solution Focused Hypnotherapy and Positive Psychology to meeting your group’s needs By arrangement By arrangement



Stop smoking is a one-off session that does not require an initial consultation.