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Hi – and welcome to the Hypnotherapy free stuff page.

I’ve put two hypnotherapy freebies on here for you to enjoy – an extensive case study and a hypnosis download.

The hypnotherapy case study

The case study is an extensive piece which gives you insight in to what it is really like to work with a modern hypnotherapist in general, and with Perma Hypnotherapy in particular. It took the alignment of three key elements to bring it together. Firstly, the development of Wellbeing Psychology.  I was first introduced to this around 2007 as a key element of the Masters Degree I completed in 2010 and have studied it ever since. secondly, choosing to train with the Clifton Practice to become an accredited Solution Focused Hypnotherapist. Wellbeing Psychology provides a wealth of research-based findings underpinning Solution Focused Hypnotherapy. The fusion of these two areas led to Perma Hypnotherapy opening its online doors in 2021. Thirdly, Mummy Conquering Anxiety (MCA) completed the mix. Over the course of the eight session Hypnotherapy for Personal Development program, MCA built the platform for sustaining her well being for the long term.

The case study is MCA’s story and my notes and observations. It is full of knowledge and insight to help you on your way to a better life. We’re always keen to hear reader’s reactions and comments. So, do take a few minutes to provide us with your feedback.  My availability to guide you through this program fluctuates from week to week. So, whenever you’re ready to make that investment in yourself, get in touch and we’ll find a suitable schedule.

In MCA’s own words

‘’I now have a toolbox I can use to maintain a great standard of wellbeing. Mastering trance sessions has helped me access a place of calm within myself and talk to myself on a subconscious level. To re-evaluate where I am in life and make any necessary changes.

Kevin provides practical guidance and support – as well as a vast amount of accessible resources which you have for life! I am thankful for this journey and looking forward to the bright future I have ahead of me.’’

The hypnosis relaxation download

This recording is representative of the hypnosis relaxations I typically do with clients in their early sessions. After that we progress to more advanced hypnosis processes to support their personal development.


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