How to Develop Inner Strength

Life can be a fantastic ride. And sometimes it can knock the wind out of our sails. When tough times trigger our insecurities, knowing how to develop inner strength can get us through. With an inner strength, we can pick ourselves back up again – stronger for next time.

Develop Inner Strength

Try these ideas to get started on developing your inner strength:

Reflect on the tough times you’ve had before: remember you survived them all!

  • How did I get through that situation?
  • What did I do?
  • Which of my strengths did I use?
  • What did you tell yourself at the time? With the benefit of hindsight was that right?
  • Should I be in the same situation again, what would I do differently?
  • If I were advising somebody else on how to manage this situation, what would I say?
  • How will I apply what I have learned to my present situation?

Talk to yourself to help you develop inner strength

  • How would you speak to your best friend about this situation?
  • Learn how to craft effective affirmations – I have posted about this in other pieces.
  • Acknowledge confusion as part of the learning process where you’re working something out.
  • When were times not rough? – what made them not rough? What does this tell you?


Deliberate on your thinking

  • Consider the evidence for and against the thoughts you’re having.
  • What alternative explanations are there for the outcomes?
  • What are the implications of the outcome? – am I giving myself a balanced appraisal or only considering the worst-case scenario?
  • How useful, or otherwise, are my conclusions?
  • What limiting beliefs are at play here?

Consider who you regard as role models and mentors.

  • What would they do?
  • How would they manage this situation?
  • What capabilities and resources do they have that I also have?
  • How can I develop the resources they have which I don’t yet?

Reflect on what you’ve done or been through that you’re most proud of

  • What are your most significant achievements?
  • Did you have moments / periods of doubt while achieving those? – how did you over-come them?
  • What personal skills, resources and capabilities did you most commonly use to achieve these things? – how can you apply those to the current situation?

Now finish this

Now that I have realised / learned [what have you learned from reflecting on the above], I choose to [what have you chosen to do differently / do more of / start doing] because [the benefits you will gain by making these positive improvements in your life].


Thank you

 I hope you have found some values in this quick piece. Check out the resources page for more.

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Develop Inner Strength


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