How can I help you?

Discovery call.

This call is free. We will talk through your needs and develop an outline picture of what’s been happening. Then, I’ll explain a little about Solution Focused Hypnotherapy and answer any queries you may have. This will allow us to determine how I can best help you and what us working together will be like. If I feel I’m not the right helper for you, I’ll tell you and help you with your next steps. I may have a colleague who’s just right for you.


Initial Consultation.

The initial consultation continues the therapeutic process. We’ll clarified the picture of what’s been happening. Then I’ll talk you through the brain model we use. This gives an insight in to how your issues can arise and – most importantly – how to get back on top of things. We’ll take a baseline measure of your wellbeing and confirm any admin before enjoying your first trance experience.

General Therapy.

This is where we do the work to get you back on top of things and lay the foundations for you sustaining your wellbeing. Each session follows the same effective structure. We develop your understanding of the brain model. Then we’ll identify small steps to get you moving in the right direction and enjoy a live trance.  Sessions end with updating your progress tracker. Where relevant, I’ll point you in the direction of further information you may find beneficial.


Introduction to Solution Focused Hypnotherapy.

This is an opportunity for groups. Friends, flat-mates, colleagues, clubs, work-places, social enterprises – to learn about hypnosis in general and Solution Focused Hypnotherapy in particular. You will enjoy an up-lifting trance and I’ll answer any questions you have. This free session is ideal for those considering hypnosis for their personal development or for helping with their wellbeing. Happy to have a chat before-hand to meet your particular group’s needs.


First steps with Hypnosis.

This is the most cost-effective way to get off and running with hypnosis for personal development. I’ll briefly outline what goes on in the brain during trance, lead you through a trance, introduce you to one of the most effective and flexible trance processes before you practice this for yourself. I’ll answer any questions, and give you some hypnosis files to help you on your way. We can have a chat before-hand to tailor this session to your needs.


Smoking Cessation.

A one-off session for those who have decided to become non-smokers.


Bespoke Group Sessions.

These are ideal for groups and workplaces to enjoy a common experience with their personal / group development. The content I have to draw on is wide: Solution Focused Hypnotherapy, Positive / Wellbeing Psychology, Entrepreneurship, Personal Development and the myriad of models and processes I’ve collated through a lifetime of exploring these areas. Happy to chat through your requirements and outline a package just for you.