Hypnotherapy for Personal Development

Hypnotherapy for Personal Development

Hypnotherapy for personal development is PERMA Hypnotherapy’s flagship program. It has been designed specifically for those who are looking to build the best version of themselves. It combines Solution Focused Hypnotherapy with wellbeing psychology and the evidence-based PERMA model to develop a set of skills to build the best version of you for the rest of your life. Situations like long term relationships ending, redundancy, career change, graduation, or just that feeling of needing to live life better led me to develop this comprehensive personal development program.


Hypnotherapy for Personal Development is available online throughout the English speaking world.

Hypnotherapy for Personal Development Programme Benefits

As you work your way through the programme, you will learn how to

Hypnotherapy for Personal Development

Specifically, you will:

• Understand the brain model of modern hypnotherapy

• Explore your thinking patterns

• Become adept at using trance for beneficial purposes

• Identify your unique signature strengths

• Explore your personal values

• Explore and develop your beliefs

• Challenge your limiting beliefs

• Understand what therapeutic hypnosis really is

• Learn a series of hypnotic processes

• Learn how to make self-hypnosis really work for you

• Let go of past mistakes and historic emotional ‘baggage’

• Really understand the PERMA model

• Develop compelling motivation for your chosen future

• Become the best, authentic, fulfilled, version of you


Hypnotherapy for Personal Development is available online throughout the English speaking world.

Hypnotherapy for Personal Development

Hypnotherapy for Personal Development Programme Structure

Because we will do the program on a 1:1 basis, we can adapt it to best suit your needs.  Here is the outline:

• Discovery Call – a session to establish goals & expectations and answer any questions before starting out on the program.

• Session one – I’ll talk you through the brain model we use to understand therapeutic trance. We will develop this model progressively and you will become an expert in it in no time. This builds a solid understanding of how therapeutic trance actually works. Then we’ll kick our heels back and enjoy a lovely gently trance. We’ll close the session with any questions. After the session, I’ll send you a suite of hypnosis downloads and notes on developing your thought patterns.

• Session two – and subsequent sessions – will follow the structure of Solution Focused Hypnotherapy sessions: we’ll develop the brain model and introduce areas of strategic personal development, do what we call scaling, and then you’ll identify some small steps forward. This session’s trance is a gentle introduction to doing personal development work while in trance – moving beyond using trance for relaxation only. After the session. I’ll send you a recording very similar to this session’s trance and you’ll explore your character strengths and personal values.

• In session three, we develop the brain-model and our understanding of what hypnosis really is. The trance session takes another step in using trance to support your personal development. After the session, you’ll explore your beliefs / limiting beliefs and the concept of ‘flow’.

• Session four introduces the concept of neurological levels (not as scary as it sounds) and how we can use this as another tool for personal development. The trance session introduces you to one of the most adaptable trance processes which can support change at both specific and strategic levels. This process is ideally suited to developing your abilities with self-hypnosis. With the download from this session, you’ll have the means to use this process whenever you wish.

• Session five introduces self-hypnosis (you’ll be well practiced in using trance by this time), further building the tools available to you. We do a different type of trance this time – exploring your connections with the world around you. You’ll get an extended version to keep and a range of suggestions for developing your own self-hypnosis practice.

• In session six, we have a bit of a re-cap and identify how to make best use of our remaining sessions. I’ll introduce you to another trance process – for letting go of ‘baggage’. With the supporting download, you can work through this process any time there-after.

• Session seven sees us looking to the future and using hypnotic processes for supporting you in achieving your long-term goals.

• Our final session introduces a wonderfully uplifting trance, looking forward to the future with confidence and the surety of sustaining your wellbeing for the very long term.

And Also

Accompanying our sessions together is a set of notes, exercises and hypnosis downloads for you to work through in-between sessions (and, of course, keep forever). Sessions are, notionally, an hour each – it is no problem if they run over: they often do. Between each session, you will work through a series of exercises and learning materials to maximise the value of our time together. Typically, this requires 6-8 hours between each session. It is possible to do these sessions on a weekly basis while others choose to do a session every two weeks to give them plenty of time to do the work.

This programme could easily be adapted to a group setting for friends, colleagues, employees. Just get in touch and we can discuss how to best meet your needs.


And Finally

For those who would like to dip their toes in to what Perma Hypnotherapy can offer, I do regular group sessions in association with Eventbrite. Full details are here

Hypnotherapy for Personal Development

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