Stress & Anxiety

stress and anxietyStress & Anxiety are common complaints in society today, most of us encounter them at some point in our busy lives. We can naturally deal with a certain amount of stress, in fact it can often be beneficial, motivating us. However, when we exceed our ‘safe levels’ problems can occur. The primitive, sub-conscious part of our brain interprets too much stress as danger and reacts by triggering the fight or flight response. Long term this can lead to panic attacks, exhaustion, insomnia and physical illness. Often our response to this is depression, anxiety, or anger – or a combination of these.

General anxiety may be a long-term situation, resulting in people being anxious about a wide – and often increasing – range of situations and issues. This can be debilitating and leave the person feeling trapped. It may also cause people to focus on a specific issue or situation. Issues such as health anxiety and social anxiety can be increasingly problematic and can lead to panic attacks. Some who have experienced prolonged periods of anxiety, may find this descending to depression triggering a cycle of anxiety and depression. These processes can happen slowly and are best resolved as early as possible.

Anxiety and stress are extremely common – almost all my clients are experiencing these in one form or another. Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can help by teaching you how to relax and cope in a calm and effective way. Putting YOU back in control.


”Your outlook and attitude on yourself and your life highly determine how you manage anxiety and your mental well-being. Teaching yourself how to think and reason positively will help you handle stressful situations in the best possible ways.”


Stress and Anxiety

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