Your motivation: away from negatives or towards positives?

‘’Your amygdala acts as your brain’s threat radar and alarm. It was a very useful thing to have when our ancestors hunted for food. Or were hunted for food. When the amygdala sounds the alarm, your body’s motivation is to responds with an almost instantaneous sequence of hormonal and physiological changes preparing you to fight or flee….

When this happens, your amygdala hijacks your brain. Most of your physical and mental resources get allocated to making sure you survive. Your thinking, rational brain shuts down. Even though you no longer run into hungry tigers on a regular basis, your amygdala activates today when you run into an angry partner, unhappy boss, or rude driver…

Studies reveal that emotional arousal during an event influences the strength of the memory for that event. The greater the emotional meaning you give something, the better your retention of that event turns out to be. Unfortunately, we usually have the most emotional responses to negative or fearful happenings.

When your amygdala is running the show, you end up going through life trying to avoid what it remembers as ‘’Bad’’ instead of making conscious choices to live the life you want and taking steps towards happiness and fulfilment.




This a fear-based existence where life becomes a marathon obstacle course of trying to avoid instead of trying to achieve. Trying to avoid pain. Trying to avoid loneliness. Trying to avoid failure. A person can focus on and exert so much energy avoiding what they don’t want that what they do want becomes secondary with pitiful little progress made in that direction.”


Is your amygdala hijacking your brain?


This article is closely aligned with the basic principles of Solution Focused Hypnotherapy Many find this highly effective in getting back on top of things by that best part of us stepping in to take control.

Ask yourself: What have I learned here that I will immediately apply to improve my life…change my circumstances…and make a difference somewhere…to someone? What is going on in my life…that has gone on too long…and what will I do about it…now?