Self-Esteem V’s Self-Worth

Self-Esteem: is about the actions we take in the outside world. How we portray ourselves and how we compare ourselves to others (invariably negatively), how we think others perceive us. It is externally focused.

Self-Worth: by contrast is internally focused. It is the value we place on ourselves. It comes from living authentically, living the life that is right for us. Living consistently with our identity, values and beliefs – all those things that are inside us: living our own lives and being our best selves.

Without self-worth, we will never have self-esteem. Once we know our authentic selves, our actions become consistent with our identity. We no longer get caught up with chasing and running away from the perceptions of others.




So, shift your focus away from self-esteem. Focus on you – your values, beliefs and your identity to live your authentic, best, life. Develop your self-worth and self-esteem will follow.


Ask yourself: what key piece of information have I taken from this note that I’m going to make work for me today?

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