Self-Esteem V’s Self-Worth

Self-Esteem: is about the actions we take in the outside world. How we portray ourselves and how we compare ourselves to others (invariably negatively), how we think others perceive us. It is externally focused.

Self-Worth: by contrast is internally focused. It is the value we place on ourselves. It comes from living authentically, living the life that is right for us. Living consistently with our identity, values and beliefs – all those things that are inside us: living our own lives and being our best selves.

Without self-worth, we will never have self-esteem. Once we know our authentic selves, our actions become consistent with our identity. We no longer get caught up with chasing and running away from the perceptions of others.




So, shift your focus away from self-esteem. Focus on you – your values, beliefs and your identity to live your authentic, best, life. Develop your self-worth and self-esteem will follow.


Ask yourself: what key piece of information have I taken from this note that I’m going to make work for me today?

Stress – are you the one in three?

‘’Studies have shown that one in three adults suffer from the effects of unmanaged stress. Many of us don’t even realize how stressed we actually are. We often become accustomed to being tense. So we think of it as normal. Stress damages our health, our work, our relationships. It destroys families, businesses, and lives. And it costs companies staggering amounts every year in health costs, absenteeism, and poor performance. In fact, stress built up over a long period can reduce our ability to regenerate. Which means less energy and tolerance to combat daily stress. This is the serious, silent threat.’’

How stressed am I?

Ask yourself – How will I take action today…to begin to utilise my own resources…both in the interest of my own future…and those important to me…and as I do…what will I continue to notice…that becomes a useful feedback mechanism?


Cycling between anxiety & depression?

‘’It is because you are in such pain with depression that we need to take care of you the right way. We need to both hold on to your feelings and help you respond to them in a way that is helpful’’

Behavioural Shutdown Model

An interesting description of depression. It resonates with the Solution Focused Hypnotherapy approach to helping those experiencing the symptoms of depression.

Ask Yourself – Which of the key points in this article will I immediately apply to improve my life…to change my circumstances…What is going on in my life…that has gone on for too long…and what will I do about it…now?

Cycling Between Depression & Anxiety?

This article from Psychology Today offers valuable insight for those caught in the cycle of Anxiety & Depression.

For many, Solution Focused Hypnotherapy proves to be highly effective in breaking this cycle by supporting improvements in both the internal and external environments.

What if depression is trying to save us?