Solution Focused Hypnotherapy

”Hypnotherapy, for me, really shines in the treatment of conditions such as depression, anxiety, insomnia and many other stress-related conditions. Interestingly, the very conditions which standard prescription medication struggles to deal with….. Hypnotherapy can be more than just a supportive add-on therapy, softening the impact of conditions like depression, eating disorders, anxiety & IBS. it is a real standalone treatment in its own right, often acting more rapidly and effectively than antidepressants, the current drugs of choice for such issues.”


A brilliant quick read by Solution Focused Hypnotherapist Claire Noyelle


A Pharrmacist’s View


Ask yourself: What is the greatest area of chaos in my life and how will I impose positive order upon it? What components of my daily life have become much too orderly and rigid and how will I open doors to a bit of creative chaos?

Cycling between anxiety & depression?

‘’It is because you are in such pain with depression that we need to take care of you the right way. We need to both hold on to your feelings and help you respond to them in a way that is helpful’’

Behavioural Shutdown Model

An interesting description of depression. It resonates with the Solution Focused Hypnotherapy approach to helping those experiencing the symptoms of depression.

Ask Yourself – Which of the key points in this article will I immediately apply to improve my life…to change my circumstances…What is going on in my life…that has gone on for too long…and what will I do about it…now?

What do hypnotherapists actually do?

“People who come to hypnotherapists have already decided to change. I just guide them down that path.”

The Sherpa guides the way: you climb the mountain for yourself.

A sceptic’s Experience

Ask yourself – What is the one area of your life that has the greatest potential for growth…and what changes are you committed to make…in that area…now? What things can you do right away…that will yield immense benefits…to you…and to others?

Cycling Between Depression & Anxiety?

This article from Psychology Today offers valuable insight for those caught in the cycle of Anxiety & Depression.

For many, Solution Focused Hypnotherapy proves to be highly effective in breaking this cycle by supporting improvements in both the internal and external environments.

What if depression is trying to save us?

How is your creativity?


”Creativity – the process of having original ideas that have value”

How creative are you?

It is interesting to explore how trance, flow – being ‘in the zone’ and creativity are interlinked.

This is one of the most watched TED talks – and for good reason!

If you’d like a transcript of this video, just ask.


Ask Yourself: What are the stories that you keep on telling…are they still relevant…are they still useful…and what is the story of your life…now that you know…how much it actually matters?