Oh – for a good night’s sleep!

”In the five weeks since my first hypnotherapy session, I have experienced just three bad nights of sleep. As someone used to multiple bad nights on any given week, this is truly remarkable. Hypnotherapy has helped my brain to repel the negative thoughts which have burdened me for months. When I think about sleep now, I’m not filled with overwhelming dread but a sense of calm assurance.

I will likely be an insomniac for life. I’m sure I will go through phases where sleep is good, and sleep is bad. But hypnotherapy gave my brain subconscious strategies to overcome a vicious cycle which was wreaking havoc on all aspects of my life. A good night’s sleep is no longer an unattainable dream. ”

A good night’s sleep

Ask yourself: Since I have much more control over my emotions and my mental states…than someone who doesn’t know these things…what advantage will I gain by learning…to excel in interesting new areas?