So What is PERMA anyway?

PERMA has become one of most widely used models of wellbeing. The name is an acronym for the basic framework.

               Positive Emotions

Positive Engagement

Positive Relationships

Positive Meaning

Positive Accomplishments.


Those who have these elements in their lives are more fulfilled, healthier and happier. This is my personal version of the PERMA model. The basic framework leaves plenty of flexibility to suit each individual’s needs.


Positive Emotions.

Comprising three sets of emotions. Firstly, the pleasures: rapture, ecstasy, warmth, comfort, pleasantness. The pleasures can be externally stimulated, can often be bought, tend to require little effort. They typically experience diminished returns and their pleasures are short lived. Secondly, gratification: that feeling of time stopping, being totally absorbed in an activity as we effortlessly lose our self-consciousness. Finally, purpose: belonging to and serving something we value and perceive to be bigger than ourselves – often involves creating a legacy.

Positive Engagement.

flow, being in the zone, being totally absorbed in doing something you value for its own sake.

Positive Relationships.

We’re social animals: the quality – not necessarily the quantity – of our relationships is hugely influential on our wellbeing. In particular, the relationship we have with ourselves.

Positive Meaning.

Belonging to, and / or serving a cause bigger than our-selves which we, personally, value.

Positive Accomplishments.

Those outcomes we cherish, that we’re proud of having achieved, that are meaningful to us, that we are motivated to achieve.






This framework can be used to develop a bespoke personal development program for any individual. PERMA, combined with the solution focused approach and the transformative abilities of hypnosis is ideally suited to sustaining your long-term wellbeing.

PERMA is attributed to Martin Seligman, here he introduces the basic model. I have a transcript of this video, available on request.

Ask yourself: Which of the key points in this article will I immediately apply to improve my life…change my circumstances…and make a difference somewhere…to someone?