Tired of being tired?

”Anxiety exhaustion can be like nothing we’ve ever experienced. Beyond tired. Our head is foggy. Our thoughts never quite finish themselves. Searching for an answer to a question, or trying to remember how to do something we do daily, like making a cup of tea, can feel like mentally wading through treacle. Our eyes sting and keep trying to close. We might have a piercing headache. Every single one of our muscles ache, including muscles we didn’t even know we had. Understanding the things that might be contributing to our tiredness can help us to be a little kinder to ourselves. Our tiredness isn’t a sign of weakness – it’s our body’s natural response to long-standing anxiety.”

Anxiety: Why We’re So Exhausted | The Blurt Foundation (blurtitout.org)

”With anxiety, it can sometimes take a little bit of trial and error to find the things that work for us. Because we’re all different. We all have different triggers and respond to the world around us in different ways.”

Ask yourself: Which of the key points in this article will I immediately apply to improve my life…change my circumstances…and make a difference somewhere…to someone? What is going on in my life…that has gone on too long…and what will I do about it…now?